Heavenly Mineral Makeup is sold in ounces and pounds, to small and medium size companies that package and re-sell our products, in the retail market. We don’t mass produce products, so all sales are treated as Custom Orders. If you have a new or established business and want to offer the finest quality, all natural, Vegan makeup, at the most affordable prices, Welcome Home. We invite you to complete our application. We will review the information you provide and contact you by email, within 24 hours.

You will be able to combine small quantities of different shades, in the same category, for very low, combined, tiered prices. By offering dozens of shades, in many categories, you’ll have an advantage over your competition, without breaking your bank account. We know, if you are successful we will be too, so our goal is your success.

Heavenly Mineral Makeup is a Sister Site to Wholesale Makeup Brushes, with 10 years of experience in the beauty industry.  We offer Natural Hair and 100% Synthetic Vegan bristle brushes, in styles that we specifically designed, to apply mineral makeup.  On the left Navigation Tool Bar, you’ll find a link to Wholesale Makeup Brushes. We invite you to set up a Wholesale Account, on our sister site. http://wholesalemakeupbrushes.com

International Customers: We will continue to combine orders from both websites, to keep shipping costs lower.Our goal is to become your “One Stop Shop” for all beauty products you want to sell. We hope you will try our amazing mineral makeup and our custom makeup brushes, which is a "Match Made in Heaven”.

Mineral makeup has been around since Cleopatra. For centuries, women knew how to use berries, raw minerals and plants for makeup and skin care. Over the years, science and technology has been busy trying to improve on “Mother Nature” but some things are better in their natural state. You can now enjoy wearing makeup, knowing it’s all natural, it won’t harm your skin and it will naturally enhance your own beauty. Heavenly Mineral Makeup is made from 100% pure minerals, free of preservatives, oil, fragrance, talc, bismuth and other potential irritants.

Heavenly Mineral Makeup may look like a powder, but that’s as far as the resemblance goes. Our natural foundation feels like a cream and blends flawlessly, giving you the look and feel of bare skin. Naturally pure mineral foundation morphs into your skin to cover imperfections, while naturally providing SPF 15 protection. There are many studies confirming the level of SPF protection, which is intensified when layered with Final Phase, Blushers or Bronzers. But Heavenly Mineral Makeup goes way beyond Foundation.

Our mineral makeup lends a radiant, healthy glow to your complexion, without clogging your pores. It buffs on so lightly, you’ll forget you’re wearing makeup. We don’t use any  oils or binders, which means, the “all-natural color stays true all day”. If your plans carry over to the evening, simply layer some deep, rich shades to your existing base and make it as dramatic as you like, without cleaning your face and starting over.

With over 300 shades, we offer products for all skin tones
Regular Foundation for light coverage
Full Cover Foundation covers most discoloration, without concealers or correctors.
Custom Foundation are all full cover. We can custom match any shade, made by other manufacturers, from just a small sample. Many of the pictures on the site are matches to Bare Escentuals, I.D. Bare Minerals and matches to other manufacturers.


You May Ignore: Dermatologists warn women to remove makeup before going to bed to prevent premature aging. “Sleeping in your makeup, adds 7 years to your skin’s appearance,” a conclusion that was reached, based on using traditional makeup.
You no longer have to worry about falling asleep looking your best. There are no harmful effects, from wearing Heavenly Mineral Makeup, around the clock.


We make the following promises about the purity of our makeup. Some brands of mineral makeup do cause irritation. The most frequent problem is caused by an ingredient called Bismuth, which is not used in any of our products. Our minerals are Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Acne Genic, and Non Comedogenic. Simply stated, our makeup will not cause skin break-outs or allergic reactions. We use No Harsh Chemicals. No Talc, Bismuth/Biron, No Silicones, No Methylparabens, No Corn, Rice or Potato Starch. No Synthetic Oils or other Harmful Chemicals (all of which are used in other cosmetics as fillers and detrimental to your health and skin). No Animal Testing. We are committed to all natural products that are 100% Free of Animal Cruelty.